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2015 round-up

Yet another (quick) round-up of 2015! I intended to do one earlier, but the review-a-thon I undertook in December sapped most of my spare time (no regrets though). I just wanted to share a couple of things that happened which I’m grateful for:

  • I interviewed Raymond Cauchetier, photographer of the Nouvelle Vague for the British Journal of Photography. It was a real privilege to meet him and a joy.

  • I sailed around the Northern Isles for the whole of August, resulting in poetry & friendships.

  • The Saboteur Awards, created with funding from Arts Council England were bigger and better this year – I was really moved by its success.

  • Two festivals stood out for me this year: StAnza hosted the final performance of The Shipwrecked House, while Cheltenham Poetry Festival gave a warm welcome to Other Countries, as well as my co-editor Gareth Prior and I.

  • I taught two rewarding online courses for the Poetry School, one on the sea, the other on astronomy.

  • Edited and published two gorgeous pamphlets by Susie Campbell and JT Welsch.

  • Performed in all sorts of interesting places, some favourites include Oxford's Mathematical Institute, Liverpool's Storm and the Golden Sky, Long Poem Magazine's launch at the Barbican, and Southampton's SO:TO Speak Festival.

I began last year performing The Shipwrecked House at the Oxford Playhouse. This year starts with a new adventure, also funded by Arts Council England: I’m off to South Africa in less than a week’s time!

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