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Shipwrecks and Bad Poetry

I haven't updated this blog in a while and thought I should give a quick update on what has been happening recently...

I performed my show in Oxford earlier in January and it was sold out! It was definitely one of my favourite performances, the audience was really warm and laughed in all the right places!

My producer/director Tom Chivers filmed quickly before the show a couple of poems from the show. Here's one:

A few weeks later, I performed in the Anti-Slam, which was quite nerve wracking as it turns out that writing a deliberately 'bad' poem is harder than I thought. It kept making me wonder 'is it bad enough that people will laugh?' Turns out it was as I placed 3rd in the end, behind the Harry Potter innuendo-tastic stylings of James Webster and the incomparable Sophia Blackwell, who won the crown a second time!

Here's Webster:

and here's me:

It was really a lot of fun to do, I can't recommend it enough. Somehow as a crowd we really bonded over poetic faux-pas, it was a great atmosphere.

Other than that, I've just started teaching an online Poetry School course based around the sea, received Arts Council England funding for the next Saboteur Awards (yippee!), am plotting launch dates for Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History, oh and Annexe is open for submissions!

So it's been a busy last month, and looks set to continue! I've just started working for Passle as my day job, and blog more regularly over there, mostly about marketing, but also poetry.

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