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New role at Annexe

I'm thrilled to say that I've joined Annexe Magazine as its new poetry editor! Founding editor Nick Murray and I have worked on a number of projects before, including Penning Perfumes, so I'm thrilled to be continuing this collaboration.

Annexe is a micropress and live literature producer specializing in projects like the Annexe Introducing Series and the Interrobang Festival. What I love about Annexe is that it's content driven, rather than one-size fits all, so ideal for projects that wouldn't fit in with more traditional publishers.

We are open for submissions at the moment, under the theme of 'Obsolete' until 1st March 2015. We are looking for samples of work we can develop in a variety of ways (poetry installations, anthologies, pamphlets, collections...) so do not feel restricted. I look forward to seeing what you send.

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