These are some of the past, ongoing or future projects that I am working on.

Rewiring History

The Rewiring History Project is about the dynamic ways that living poets respond to and reshape the way we see the past.


Edited by Gareth Prior and Claire Trévien, Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History was published in November 2014.

Verse Kraken

Verse Kraken was a magazine of hybrid art co-curated by Tori Truslow and Claire Trévien, which aimed to publish weird, experimental and surprising unpublished work in any medium which responds to one of the spurs set for each issue.


The magazine has now been reinvented as retreats.

Sabotage Reviews

Founded on 31st May 2010 by Claire Trévien, Sabotage Reviews is now well-known in the literary community for its reviews of spoken word and indie publications.


Every year, the Saboteur Awards celebrate the best independent creations. 

Penning Perfumes

First launched in June 2012 by olfactress Odette Toilette and Claire Trévien, Penning Perfumes is a creative collaboration between poets and perfumers. 


Penning Perfumes has since brought out two anthologies, toured the UK in early 2013, and attended the 2014 Ledbury Festival, with a mixture of poems inspired by perfumes, and perfumes inspired by poems. 

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